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Christmas Metal Meeting

with Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, In Legend, Powerwolf

  • 09.12.2011, Geiselwind, Eventhalle (Германия)


No Silence to the End Tour 2011/2012

with Orden Ogan and In Legend

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"Мы сняли видео сугубо для YouTube, потому что прекрасно понимали, что ни MTV, ни другие подобные каналы не будут показывать наши клипы"

Van Canto

She's Alive

I hear a voice from below

Something's wrong and

As soon as these words are

Intruding my mind I do know:

It is her who's betrayed

By her consciousness

Starting to fade

And as if I still had

Needed to know

She's the only one

Fear starts to grow

She's alive

What a wonderful

Creation bringing time

She's alive

And she knows inside

She's alive

What a wonderful

And joyful singing time

She's alive

And I know inside

My life speed starts slowing down

All of my future plans mistrusted

And as I'm standing here

I start to drown

(It's) not up to me anymore

I know I need her more than ever before

She's struggling against hands of darkness reaching out

The more time is fading the less I will doubt

A woman like her is built to return

As she's regaining I cry out for her

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