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Christmas Metal Meeting

with Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, In Legend, Powerwolf

  • 09.12.2011, Geiselwind, Eventhalle (Германия)


No Silence to the End Tour 2011/2012

with Orden Ogan and In Legend

Цитата группы

"Мы все любим мелодичный металл, так что вряд ли рискнем сделать кавер на песни Kreator или Slayer. Он получится совершенно неубедительным и не аутентичным, и всем будет понятно, что мы слушаем совершенно иную музыку"

Van Canto


The night is about to fall.

'Never surrender' – I still hear them call.

Images (are) passing by.

I must watch him waving a last goodbye.

It's not that he's gone away.

It's the secure feeling he will not stay.

A wanderer leaving the land

he once had entered to rise again.

Thousands cry

until the blood runs low

they make the river flow

that he'll sail on.

Are we that alone?

The king is leaving

off to a land unknown.

And though I'm wondering why,

the king has left

the spirit we now call our own.

He lit up our life!

1000 days passed by,

from the very moment he stepped into our lives.

Words were not his deal.

What he brought to us is the power to feel.

The power to believe.

The power to walk on, the power to see.

To determine wrong from right.

The power to check out the step from dark to light.

Sometimes I'm even more afraid

of times beyond the gates of now.

Remembering his glory

pounds my will onto the ground.

Can you hear us cry?

Can you see our kingdom die?


Now for me it's plain to see

that everything I want to be.

Can be done by holding on

in hard and gruelling times.

We are rising high.

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