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Christmas Metal Meeting

with Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, In Legend, Powerwolf

  • 09.12.2011, Geiselwind, Eventhalle (Германия)


No Silence to the End Tour 2011/2012

with Orden Ogan and In Legend

Цитата группы

"Мы зарабатываем фрилансом – продюсируем, работаем в качестве сессионных музыкантов, наш ударник дает уроки игры на барабанах, а ритм-вокалист преподает английский иностранцам. Он шотландец, и у него свои языковые курсы. Конечно, все это не совсем рок-н-ролл, но нужно на что-то и жить"

Van Canto


Sonic signs are waiting

For me to show a way

I am anticipating

To be the perfect deputy

But to be honest, I am my father's son

A chosen one

While the world is changing

I try to keep an open mind

Even though it's plain to see

That things remained the same inside

(I remain the same inside)

(From) now 'til the end of a lifetime

Let me be myself

Let me be invincible

In stories I can tell

Until the end of a lifetime

Let me be myself

I define my heaven

Send the doubting ones to hell

Everyone has seen it

"The only perfect way"

Ignoring there are crossings

That make the target fade away

Now I know what's going on

I bring it back into my heart

The blood of youth

It didn't change its color

Red to black

Now I know how to carry on

I bring them voices from within

So the blind can see

It's time for me, now to bring them back

Denying where I come from

Don't seem to be too true

This is why I roam on

Take your doubts, they are all for you

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