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Christmas Metal Meeting

with Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, In Legend, Powerwolf

  • 09.12.2011, Geiselwind, Eventhalle (Германия)


No Silence to the End Tour 2011/2012

with Orden Ogan and In Legend

Цитата группы

"Если браться за великую песню, она должна звучать не менее круто, чем сам оригинал. В противном случае за нее нет смысла браться."

Стефан Шмидт

Quest For Roar

This is the quest for roar...

The quest for roar...

At the end of the day we are what we are.

Still carrying the name they gave to us.

But nevertheless we're feeling a change.

A thousand voices inside are screaming out loud.

We beg for every one to return a shout.

The course of time, now rearranged.

We are all but lost forever.

Our short time here will never last.

At least we know what we are living for.

This is the quest for roar.

The quest for more.

It is the quest for metal we're fighting for.

From deep within

with all our hearts.

We're fighting for the quest for roar.

From this very day on we will remain.

And we will refuse to disappear again.

In every blast of the storm we're spelling our name.

We are all but lost forever.

Our short time will never ever last.

At least we know what we are living for.

It's not our aim to hum, to aspirate, to perish tardily.

It is our goal to be, and to become, and to rise constantly.

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